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I. Framing

II. Light Balance

III. Materials

IV. Final Render

V. Post Production

Composition and 3D Model checking

Enhances shape and volume of the image using only the V-Ray light sources

Work on materials with V-Ray to produce photorealistic simulations

Setup the final render and profuce a clean image

Color Collection, Color Grading and sharpening enhancement


I. Framing Lessons in this tutorial
      Enhances shape and volume of the image using only the V-Ray light sources

  Lesson 1 Introduction and project overview Lesson Viewed
  Lesson 2 Exploring 3ds Max's Time Configuration Panel Lesson Viewed

 Lesson 3

Setting keyframes in 3ds Max Lesson Viewed

Lesson 5

The Curve Editor Lesson Not Viewed

Lesson 5

Setting keyframes in 3ds Max Lesson Not Viewed

Lesson 6

The Curve Editor Sing in ..?





  Crate Amazing Renders  

    Lessons are recorded using V-Ray for 3ds Max.

They are easy to follow, include videos, concepts and exercises to increase your
      awareness with the 5-Step method and to help you





$ 35.00 (+ SHIPPING) now available with print on demand through Blurb printing / 11.29.2015


An example architectural portfolio focusing and visualization strategies consisting of 58 full color pages designed cover to cover by Alex Hogrefe. More about how this portfolio was designed can be found at HERE

English, 2014
58 Pages / 4 Projects
Hardcover with Dust Jacket, 9.5 x 8in. (Landscape)
ISBN 978-0-9913829-0-3


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Salih EFE / Visual Designer
Digital Arrow cares a lot about all the projects we did with them, put special dedication into their work and yhey just know how to deliver great stuff. we will use them as soon as posaible again!.
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